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My Fav Amazon Reseller Tools Under $20

OK, listen, I take shopping seriously. Like, super seriously. From blue light glasses to measuring tape, I will literally spend hours researching different brands and comparing different styles until I find THE best buy.
I've made a list of my all-time favorite Amazon finds that have been well worth the time spent researching. These are all reseller tools that I'm obsessed with, and that are under $20. Double yas.
Measuring Tape
Price: $5.50
Why I Love It: Cute, efficient, AND inexpensive?! Count me in. It's retractable, so it's v compact and easy to store. It's just everything I need and I love using it.
Thank You Stickers
Price: $12.99
Why I Love It: $13 for 500 stickers is one hell of a deal. I bought these when I first started over a year ago and have still not gone through the whole roll. I add these to Polymailers and especially USPS boxes just to give it the extra special (and cute) touch it needs.
Wall Hanging Pegs
Price: $12.99
Why I Love It: Such a simple and easy way to immediately upgrade your photo set-up. I started with a nail in the wail, then tried a whole rack, and am now onto these wooden pegs, and they're my fav! So easy to hang a hanger on them, and this pack comes with 4, so you can alternate them on the wall for longer dresses, props (hats), etc.
Packing Tape Dispenser
Price: $7.98
Why I Love It: Super compact, cute and efficient! I love that it's not this big bulky dispenser with a handle and all. It comes in a few different fun colors (I have a purple/pink one but couldn't find that color). I use this to seal up my USPS boxes and tape my labels to packages. You can find packing tape HERE.
Pink Star Polymailers
Price: $19.99
Why I Love It: Definitely the cutest and highest-quality polymailers I've found thus far. They're nice and thick and the design is printed super crisp + clear. It's $20 for 100, and it's definitely a great investment if you're wanting to step up your posh-package game. I wouldn't recommend any other polymailer over these.
Fabric Scissors
Price: $14.38
Why I Love It: These are the sharpest scissors I think I've ever owned in my life. They glide through paper when I'm cutting out my shipping labels. I use them for my DIY distressing on tees and jeans, which is what they're primarily designed for. They're perfect for raw-hemming jeans, and just cut through everything so efficiently with zero hassle.
Goo Gone
Price: $8.48
Why I Love It: OK, you know the numbers in silver sharpie on the bottom of some shoes you buy? So annoying right? But Goo Gone literally wipes it right off. I use the rough side of a dish sponge and a bit of Goo Gone, and poof - it's erased. It also works great for removing the glue residue left over from price stickers.